Winter Wonderland

Our first blog post of 2017!

As we enter into the New Year with high hopes and some uncertainty, we do anticipate that 2017 will be busy for Coral Quail Photography. With that in mind, we took advantage of some down time over the holidays and went on a family vacation. On our way to Southern California to spend Christmas with relatives, we made a stop at one of our favorite places on the planet - Monument Valley, Utah.

It’s impossible to take a bad photo of this place! With towering red mesas and a deep blue sky, we had the perfect opportunity to put our new Panasonic Lumix GH4 to work. We brought this nifty little camera with us on a hike to an arch that was near where we were staying.


I scurried up a moderately treacherous rock face to get a high angle shot of the canyon below. Though it was a dizzying height and frigidly cold, it was totally worth the effort.

Canyon view

During our stay, a storm came through and dusted the area with a light snow. So we bundled up and ventured out into a winter wonderland to play. Little Dude had a blast sliding down an icy hill.

Frozen puddles in rock indentations became art photography.

Once the weather warmed a bit, we took a little excursion to nearby Muley Point where the view is absolutely spectacular.

The four days we spent in Monument Valley flew by too fast. As with any visit there, it never feels like we have enough time and we never take enough photos. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to visit again later this year!